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About Us

Eminziki Co., Ltd (Travel & Tours ), established in 2005 in the Kingdom of Cambodia, is recognized as one of the foremost travel companies in the city and throughout Cambodia. We are often considered to hold the keys to discovering the city, country, and beyond. Our experiences lies in our appreciation for the different needs of travelers from around the world.

Our team consists of well trained Cambodian Professionals who have a wide experience in the travel industry. It is our aim to provide welcoming and reliable services both before and during your holiday or business trip in Cambodia. We keep to this promise not only by creating a warm and friendly team, but also through a wide network of service partners and a constant investment in up-to-date communication and computer technology so we can promptly and efficiently answer your requirement. We are also providing a wide rang of Humanitarian program for the poor communities and the needs.

For all your travel needs (Inbound & Outbount) Please contact/meet friendly travel consultants of Eminziki Travel & Tours. Eminziki trave & tours offer an outbound excellent service to ensure yor safety and comfort right through your your in our services as follow:

  1.  Air tickets to all worldwide destinations
  2. Package tours (inbound & Outbound)
  4. Extensions of visas and/or passports
  5. Transportation arrangements in Cambodia
  6. Events management (conferences, anniversary functions etc.)